Tuesday 21 February 2012

Magic Bloggers The Movie 2012 - Comedy Video

Final Thoughts

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Gordon's First Blackpool Convention Thoughts:
My first Blackpool Convention was a huge surprise as I thought it would be a nice, relaxing weekend with some magic mates (the infamous Magic Bloggers). I have now returned absolutely knackered and a lot poorer. From 8.00 at breakfast until 3.30 in the morning the Magic Bloggers were relentless in their quest to update the faithful members of their blog and at the Gala show the tweeting was constant.

The three day programme was very busy with a lot of events overlapping so it was impossible to see everything and eat properly. I am not a great fan of card magic, so many of the lectures didn't really appeal, although I did pop into a couple for a short time. Of the lecture I did see in full, Greg Wilson and the UK Children's Competition stood out for me, I tried to find the David Ginn lecture but it wasn't signposted and then the Dealer's Halls beckoned me in like an Aladdin’s Cave. Mind you the dealer’s areas were busy if you got there at the wrong time i.e. when no card magic lectures were on. With the tight scheduling it would have been nice to have had a coffee or snack that didn’t take 25 mins to queue for, luckily Greggs is across the road.

I can only imagine how much organisation it takes to put on a convention like this with three evening shows as well, my hat comes off to you Blackpool Magic Club.

Thank you to my Magic Bloggers for an excellent weekend and finally, I would like to apologise to the young man I was showing ‘Crazy Man’s Handcuffs’ to in the Ruskin, the next time I saw him was on stage with his Scorpion illusion – I don’t think he was very impressed but he was polite, at least it wasn’t a card trick!