Friday 17 February 2012

Chad Long Lecture

The lecture started of with a great gag that looked like high speed sewing and then did a Chad Long version* of the razor blade swallowing trick but with spaghetti lol.

Then he did a really cool vanishing card which involved him eating the card quarter by quarter.

Then there was a cramp moment.

After a swift recovery he performed a clever mathematical* double lift change routine.

Chad then performed his "Flash" trick, if you haven't seen it yet check it out. Great kicker at the end.

He then did a four coin production next which he started of with a crazy four coin palm/holdout, but there was a OMG moment and it fooled most of the magicians in the room.

Then onto as sweet card routine using the old "look in my...." gaffed cards.

Continuing with cards Chad did a "scratch card" themed Chicago opener card routine. Really good thinking again by Chad!

Next was something different, it was a book test with a theasaurus and a book with no cover so all the pages were loose and shuffled up. Really nice fair and powerful trick. Check it out its called "Spine-less"

Last trick was a gag with a spray can and the ball bearing feel out of the bottom and there was no shaking sound.

Overall I thought it was a great lecture, loads of great material was shown and a massive bargain bundle at the end.

Rating: 8/10

- Max Curd (London Magician)

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  1. You can't leave an asterisk next to the word 'mathematical' as I jumped straight to the end of your review! Honestly - where did you go to school? Oh, yeah. I forgot. So go on; tell......