Friday 17 February 2012

International Close Up Session 1 & Matthias Rauch Lecture

International Close Up Session 1 - Friday

Matthias Rauch Lecture

This was Matthias's First international lecture.
He started off with some manipulation with some balls and a lemon.
Timed and themed really well with the lemony music.
Matthias then explained how to transform 2 balls to 4 along with revealing a few other ball manipulation moves.

Mathias went on to demonstrate a card manipulation move, where you can produce a playing card from your hands in a diamond shape!

Pow there was a cd, Matthias went on to demonstrate how in the motion for looking for an item you can steal another! In this case, in the motion of looking for a silk he stole and produced a cd.

Mathias then got everyone in the pavilion on their feet and showed everyone how to vanish a coin by casually dropping a coin in your pocket! Doing this in clever and unsuspecting way.

Matt then showed us a mick take on every typical street magicians promo!
It was very funny to watch and was spot on to most promos I've seen for magicians between the ages 10-30 that say they are the UK's best street magician!

Before finishing Matthias then went on to have a few quick cheeky comments about David Blaine and Criss Angel. This is something I guess you had to have seen.

A very informative lecture with lots of information on performance techniques.


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