Sunday 19 February 2012

Axel Hacklau

Axel began with his superb newspaper tear which is simply stunning, the quickest method I've seen. He then explained to to fold a teeshirt in a way to convey how he feels about seeing magic. Next was his knife thru spoon, this use a spoon to fork gimmick, but this is the Rolls Royce of these style of device. A bottle cap in bottle routine was next, lovely and simple, a real stunning miracle which you can leave the audience with a souvenir of the bottle with the cap still in. Axel then explained a nice rope tie escape, which he is offering a free paper explanation on his stand, go get it! Lastly was his chop cup routine which again was great and simple. All real workers, I'm very tempted with the spoon and bottle cap routines.

UPDATE: I'm very excited, I now have an Axel moustache lollipop! :) Just met and chatted with him at the stand, a genuinely nice guy.

-- Stu

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  1. I think the correct name is AXEL HECKLAU ;-)