Sunday 19 February 2012

Greg Wilson Lecture

Greg started of the lecture with a multi phase coin on shoulder routine. Really quick and high impact. Brilliant!

The second trick he performed was a trick called "Pointless", were the point of a pen transports from one end to the other. Visually great.

Next was a really cool prediction trick which was, someone named a number and Greg pulled out some coins from his pocket and the total value of the coins matched the names number.

Greg then performed a visual multi colour changing bill which could be handed out.

Some impromptu coin stuff was next, including a falling coin production and a great pitch vanish. He stole the guys watch 3 times, never seen it done so quickly!

Greg then borrowed a ring and stretched it using an interesting gimmick.

After that he did a crazy man's handcuffs with a broken tooth pick and restored it in the end.

Onto some card magic with some spin out revelations including catching it in his mouth.

Greg then showed us a cool alternative way of doing the muscle pass.

After that Greg did a nice quick silverware routine. Where forks, spoons and knifes swithed places.

End of review and score to follow.

- Max Curd (Magicians in Surrey)


  1. Thought the lecture was first class. Very funny guy and hold onto your watch or anything else if you are around him. Oh and remember to check your other shoulder too

  2. Excellent lecture, very enjoyable. With everyone trying the 'muscle pass' and getting it wrong, there were coins flying everywhere, including my 30p.m... Never to be found.