Sunday 19 February 2012

British Magical Championship

Steve Faulkner: Steve started with a few card transpositions using the 6 of harts lots of passes and top changes all over the place.
The cups and balls was next, unfortunately, there was noting new here. A classic routine. With a fruity finish. 6/10.

Sam Fitton: Sam brought 2 spectators on stage and started by producing some cards in a flash. 2 cards were then selected, and were transported from hand to hand. Sam went straight into the ambitious card routine, an omni deck made an appearance. Then Sam had a multi phase card to wallet routine, which went into a torn a restored cornered card, where the corner was on the watch that was handed out at the beginning to keep track of time. 7/10.

Jason Rea: Jason Rea, looked very smart! Always a bonus! A chop cup started his routine. Nothing new, again with a fruity finish! Jason then started a multi phase ace routine which led into a sandwiched card. Jason then had another card routine with a card to wallet then omni deck. 6/10.

Will Gray: started with torn and restored string but with a helium ballon (A nice touch). Will started with his goldfish glass production from the jacket sleeve. Will then went onto a signed card (3H) sandwich effect which went into a red 3 pool ball to wallet. Will ended with the 3H reversed in a sealed card box. 7.5/10

Chris Stevenson: Chris started with a coin purse. Chris produced and vanished coins. Then produced a piece of rope. A ring and rope routine was next, various classic rope effects then followed. Chris then performed a card trick which started with a classic force repeated numerous times, it was a multiple selection card trick, including a pool ball. A funny routine with some good lines and sleight of hand. 8/10

Shaun McCree: Shaun started with a signed card trick. The Shaun brought out 8 decks of cards, 3 glasses, and a painting. The 2 spectators picked one deck from the 8 decks. The painting prediction matched all that was selected and performed with the cards. 7/10

Stephen Ablett: Stephen started with a coin production and vanishes. Stephen then performed some metal bending, technically well performed. Up next was a story routine using Detective Jack Spade. Next was a heart shaped ring and silk routine. 5/10

On the whole a disappointing competition noting really new in any of the acts! None of these acts would place a few years ago!

And the winners are:
1st: Chris Stevenson
2nd: Will Gray
3rd: Shaun McCree

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