Saturday 18 February 2012

Magic from the USA & Canada

1. Danny Cole
Magic Castle magician of the year
Quick change, and cd manipulation. Started slowly with some odd pauses, but got better as it went along.
Stu: 7 Geoff: 7 Matt: 6 Max: 7 Gordie: 7

2. Charlie Frye & Co.
The awesomeness
Amazing as always, he makes the impossible look easy. He must practice 24 hours a day.
Stu: 10 Geoff: 10 Matt: 9 Max: 9 Gordie: 9

3. Dirk Losander
Uplifting magic
Dancing cane, bubbles, floating table.
Stu: 6 Geoff: 7 Matt: 6 Max: 5 Gordie: 8

4. Andost
Championship winner
Quite a nice act with manipulation, very nice use of lights and well synchronised to music.
Stu: 7 Geoff: 6 Matt: 5 Max: 4 Gordie: 7

5. Chris Hart
Simply a stage hand
An act of two halves, one good, one not so. It started with a ribbon routine and some card manips. The torn and restored music sheet set to music was great. The second half was a zombie routine using a hand, went on a little long for me.
Stu: 6 Geoff: 6 Matt: 5 Max: 5 Gordie: 6

6. The Evasons
Mentalists & Magic
Impressive but far too long. Old fashioned mind reading act.
Stu: 5 Geoff: 5 Matt: 4 Max: 7 Gordie: 8

7. Richard Forget
Canadian magician of the year
Nice act featuring manipulation with drum sticks and more, finally producing a drum kit and a lady.
Stu: 6 Geoff: 7 Matt: 8 Max: 8 Gordie: 7

8. Jason Latimer
As seen on TV
First he performed his superb cups and balls routine.
Jason then performed the water act as featured on the BBCs The Magicians, he also got George Samson to help out again.
Stu: 7 Geoff: 7 Matt: 7 Max: 10 Gordie: 8

An additional act for the evening was yesterday's star Kim Tae Won, I'm now not sure why I only gave him a 9 yesterday, or was it the extra 24 hours practice added an extra point :) 10/10 tonight. This gent will tour the world with this act, superb.

Compare was Jimmy Tamley a good good and funny vent. Although they do seem to be the same gags as last year.

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