Saturday 18 February 2012

Jason Latimer Lecture

Jason is one of my favourite magicians magician! I remember one of the first things I saw on YouTube when I decided magic was my future it was Jason's award winning FISM acts... And wow I knew what the best now was and like all magicians we should all try to perform at our best stuff in a new and innovative way!

Jason started his lecture by showing a video of an illusion he created for Buick an illusion where 12 smoke machines. The video showed all the steps he used in the planning process to make the car appear!

Next up was another video, this time of Jason and George Sampson on The Magicians. Jason made 5 volunteers, sat them down on a moving truck and managed to teleport them to the moving truck 10 meters in front!

Jason then took numerous questions from the audience!

Overall a good lecture, it's good to have lectures that about planning magic and ideas rather than just full of tricks! However a couple of tricks would have gone down well!

Rating: 8/10

- Matt

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