Saturday 18 February 2012

Michael Weber Lecture

The lecture started of with a really clean vanishing rubber band that appeared on a spectators seat. He just rubbed the band and it was gone. Visual!

He then did a super clean handling of acaan with a borrowed deck from the crowd. WOW

Michael then performed a great ring on stick, were a borrowed ring penetrated onto a metal stick multiple times. He also did a nice gag were he snapped the stone of the band and put it back on.

Next Michael taught us an ingenious deck stack system which was so quick to learn. Everyone learnt the stack in just a few mins.

Michael then shared a nice idea about making a deck look sealed, so you set up the deck previously and give the illusion of opening a new deck.

Onto the next trick which was called "Dealing with lifes little troubles", which was a concept about the little annoying things that happen in everyday life and how as magicians we have an advantage and using magic we can fix them.

Overall I thought the lecture was full of great information and inspiring tricks.


- Max Curd (Brighton Magician)

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  1. Nicely done Max - informative and engaging. I'd love to hear more about the ACAAN routine as I am working on it at the moment! Give my best to the others; I am insanely jealous! AJ