Saturday 18 February 2012

The UK Childrens Entertainers National Championships & Charlie Frye Lecture

Gordon reviews: The UK Childrens Entertainers National Championships.

Virrvarr: A silent act with a very slow start, the best part was when a spectator threw a ball back and threw it straight into the basket! Many silks and ended with umbrellas. 5/10.

Craig Petty: With 2 helpers. 3 stage illusions. 6/10.

David Ginn: A lot effects with silks and streamers, a notable one where he was miss calling the colours with 2 young helpers. 7/10.

Andy Clockwise: A very confident and polished performance. He performed 2 magic effects, and then some puppet work. 8/10.

Mr Wand: His puppet was Cheeko the Chicken, he needs his own material. 6/10.

Stu Di Doo: With a very funny routine with a monkey puppet called Cheeko. 7/10.

Compared superbly by Terry Herbert.

Charlie Frye

We've seen Charlie on a number of occasions! Go if you have never seen him!
Also if you catch him in the bar/Ruskin ask to see his any card at any number! It's excellent!
Stu's review...
Although I have seen Charlie's lecture a couple of times over the years it's still something of awe and wonder that can't be missed. The man is so talented it inspires me everything I see him perform. Here's a rough list of what he performed.
thumbtip card balance, billard balls, glue gag, daemon shrimp, nail file, coins, karate coin, idiot savant, coin to eye, coins across, vanishing coin, folding coin in thumbtip, vanishing finger, balloon gag, vanishing comb, missing (Alan Wong), linking bands, circle fan, air pass, 8 ball juggling and plate juggling.

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