Saturday 18 February 2012

Andy Nyman Lecture

The Hidden:

Can you cut to 12 cards Andy Nyman can, (apparently).
Andy borrowed 3 items from spectators a coin, watch and wallet.
He asked for the spectators to cut 12 cards from the top of the deck.
Each of the spectators cut to the card saying coin, watch and wallet, the rest of the cards were blank! A simple but effective and strong trick!

Andy then got 9 spectators on stage (one of which had a birthday today) and gave each of them an envelope with a number in. These related to 9 gift bags with prizes! Surprise surprise Jerome the birthday boy got the main teddy bear prize!

A pile of cards, with words on was then brought to the table! 2 spectators pick a card from the pile. Andy then on a pad writes down what he think the first card is, boom he is correct, brings out a dictionary and claims to know what page number the selected word is on. For the second selected card Andy writes down what he thinks the word is... But then when he turns the pad over it reveals a number, this number then actually relates to the dictionary when the select card/word warlock is.

Andy asks quick fire questions to a spectator... Like the what you put in a toaster... Toast questions. He then asks a spectator to quickly point to one and it is the only red card in the deck. Rough and smooth!

Boo or Go Crazy:
A lady is asked to think of a number from a card in a deck. To point to someone else, have a colour selected, to point to someone else, have suite selected. In this case the 10 of diamonds. The only one to have Go Crazy on the back, the rest have Boo! And boo would of known it! The 10 of diamonds was the "only" card with Go Crazy on the back.

An interesting lecture to watch, however I thought all of the effects were a bit basic I would have liked something a bit more advanced.

7/10 - Matt

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  1. Hi Matt, thanks for this - I like the premise of Boo or Go Crazy as it cues the audience to give a standing ovation to a bit of spray mount - nice! Glad you guys are having a good time. Look forward to catching u. AJx