Saturday 18 February 2012

International Close Up Session 2 & The Wayne Dobson & Friends Show

International Close Up Session 2 - Reported by Geoff

The show was compared by Steve Evans in a proper manner giving all the performers star treatment introductions and not trying to steal the show for himself and not trying to steal the show for himself.

Chad long was first up a personal favourite of ours, smart tricks, great patter and one liners, he used coins, chewing gum, a great gag with a bag of junk, 4 ace sequences absolutely brilliant start to the show.

Andy Nyman: Clever presentations of his signature effects, lots of assistants participating in his act, good stuff.

Ponta the smith: All done in silence to music, he started with novel coin in glass routine, 4 ace effect followed by matrix, ring on a string was his next offering, and more coin effects, coins across, etc.

Ian Barradell: Of Tenyo fame, a 3 card effect to begin with, in penetration mode, ring on a rope, card locations, very dramatic and entertaining, first class diary trick, and card to wallet with a novel storyline. This guy is going places.

Unfortunately David Roth did not appear, surprise surprise Greg Wilson, stepped off the plane and was with us within an hour and a half. He opened with fancy stuff with cards, great card locations, typically Greg, quick sure fire mysterious, fork and spoon game, Greg plays with audience and the kicker is a production of a knife. He finished his act with the Rubiks cube, really effective trick, brilliant! At the end of the routine he presented the cube as a gift to one of his helpers!

Video review of Wayne Dobson & Friends:

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  1. Just in case you missed it, I was in the show too.... ;) but maybe you couldn't see me, Mr Archer.